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Moisture Wicking Up Through A Concrete Floor

Hydro-Seal 75 will work for this application after proper cleaning of floor. Prepare surface by washing with TSP and neutrallizing with clear water. I also like to sand the floor after washing with a buffer sander, which works great to open up the concrete before application. I have also done many without sanding. Acid etching is OK, also. Note: Don't apply Hydro-Seal 75 over other coatings.This Hydro-Seal 75 application can be done with 3/8" nap rollers. There will be no offensive smell with this water-based epoxy coating. Portland Cement can be added to the Hydro-Seal 75 for skimming hairline cracks before you sand the floor. When sealing the floor with Hydro-Seal 75, start and finish in the areas where the moisture and seepage is the worst. This will give you an extra coat on these areas. Also try to determine the source of the water, which is usually a small hairline crack and concentrate there with Hydro-Seal 75 and Hydro-Epoxy Mortar. On floors allow 2 to 4 hours dry time between coats. All patching on floors can be coated imediately with 1st coat and it will all dry together. Note: Hydro-Seal 75 dries to a flat finish and is designed more for sealing and waterproofing applications rather than for high-traffic coating applications.

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